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Why R&B endorses Skeleton Optics?


For 35-years of my adult life, I have gone through a number of outdoor sports eyewear to include all the big names but when I tried on Skeleton Optics with their Zeiss lenses my world was transformed. The clarity of the lenses was nothing like I’ve ever seen through before. This coupled with the glasses durability and superior design and look inspired me to offer this essential piece of outdoor equipment to the Rod&Barrel community of Anglers and Fishermen who seek the best so as to make their adventures into the wild and beyond that much better.


About Skeleton Optics


Fashioned using high-quality components that include polarized lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, the world's recognized leader in optics, and Grilamid  TR-90 frames designed and manufactured in Italy, Skeleton Optics creates high performance optics that promote active engagement with the great outdoors. With a vision to create products that deliver superior ergonomic engineering, reliability, and precision, Skeleton Optics enhances your journey through life, while delivering flawless protection. On the technology side, Skeleton Optics develops cutting-edge, ultra-light, scratch-resistant frames that house and support polarized lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision in Germany, using its patented Tri-Pel lens technology for superior clarity and resolution.